Youth Career Development

As a young person, you might be asking some really important questions that will affect your future career. The list of these questions can be very long and confusing, sometimes even overwhelming. You may be going through a transition such as:

  • Thinking about occupational choices for entry into the workplace or education
  • Choosing a field of study
  • Enrolled in education, and thinking about possible career choices or rethinking a field of study you are in
  • Completed education and working but not taking real advantage of your degree or diploma
  • Currently in early career stages but thinking about future career steps and growth

The Career Pathing Method (CPM) is a career development approach designed to help you answer these important questions and assist you with critical decision-making. For younger people, keep in mind three areas: Success, Aspirations and Strategy.


The meaning of success can be seen very differently for people because it is a result of culture and society. Here in North America, success might be related to the car or home a person owns, where they live or the specific job they have. However, in other parts of the world, success can be viewed very differently.

Success is related to the culture, community and society we are part of. Our idea of success comes from the family in which we are raised. Your parents may have expectations of what a “good” job is or what it means to be successful. If you are going to find true success, then it should be based on the values and ideals that are truly your own. Getting clear about success means breaking free from these assumptions and looking inside yourself to discover what your values, dreams, hopes and expectations truly are.


It has been discovered that aspirations influence people’s long-term career decisions. Aspirations involve your expectations, goals, intentions and attitudes. Aspirations are critical to a successful career because they act like a compass, charting a person’s life and directing them. Without aspirations you might get lost, aimlessly wandering with no career direction or purpose.


Exploring success and aspirations is foundational to the CPM approach and is essential to creating a successful career strategy. Without a strategy, you can become very uncertain and confused on your career path. A career strategy involves discovering and using your unique talents, strengths, passions and personality traits to achieve career opportunities, while looking beyond the present to the future. Let the CPM approach help you explore the right ones.

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