Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is going through a career process really important?

If you are not achieving your highest potential within your career, this may become one of your greatest life regrets. There are many who have never begun to discover and share their true talents, strengths and gifts, ultimately denying the world around them their greatest contributions. An effective career process can you help identify, explore and discover your higher talents, character/personality strengths and values. This will allow you to reach your most ideal self, designing and building a career full of enjoyment, passion, meaning/purpose and contribution.

What’s the process you use? What do the appointments / sessions involve?

Pinnacle Potential / Pinnacle Plus Career Services uses the Career Pathing Method (CPM) approach also called the Thousand Voices Program, which is a multifaceted method that integrates three key aspects: Vision, Self-Knowledge and Opportunity. The program consists of multiple sessions focussed on exploring and clarifying these aspects. It is designed to provide you a greater view of what is genuinely important to you and what you want. This will better enable you to create, design and shape your career. It provides greater self-knowledge in relation to your skills, passions, personality characteristics and values, promoting more effective career exploration and decision-making. Finally, the program supports the discovery of career market opportunities, which are critical to having an abundant career and contributing to the world.

Do you use career assessments?

Structured career assessments are part the Career Pathing Method (CPM). However, assessments are not the sole aspect of the process. Traditional career counselling approaches primarily involve conducting structured assessments and is known in the career/employment field as a “Test and Tell” approach. Although this can be somewhat successful, use of these assessments exclusively will not be able to take a person to a deeper understanding of their career. To attain a great career, a more comprehensive and strategic career process is required. This strategic career process is the Career Pathing Method (CPM).

What industries have you worked with?

Throughout my years of experience, I have provided services to clients ranging from post-secondary school students to senior level managers. My clients have come from diverse client groups including skilled tradespersons, construction, manufacturing, sales, health, human resources, administration, human services, financial management, office professionals, engineering, technical and high-level senior executive managers seeking employment.

What other services are offered?

Having been in the employment field, I am highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the career search, which includes cover letter/resume creation, interview preparation, networking and job exploration. This site is strictly dedicated to career development and transition. However, if you do require assistance with resume/cover letter writing please Click Here. (Pinnacle Plus Resumes)