CAREER FAILURE is climbing on or getting to the top of the ladder, and finding out that you leaned it up against the wrong wall

Research indisputably shows that there is a significant lack of workplace engagement. Most people simply assume that this lack of engagement is a normal part of work, but have you thought deeply about the real impact this has on your life and overall career satisfaction?

A lack of engagement shows up in many forms such as having no drive, no initiative, no excitement, dwindling enthusiasm or feelings of frustration, anxiety and meaninglessness. Without engagement many people feel an overwhelming sense of dread when Monday comes, enduring a gruelling wait until the weekend.

Pinnacle Potential has developed an effective strategy to support you in discovering greater career engagement and fulfilment, offering a full range of one-on-one career coaching and development services via in-person, phone or virtual platforms.

The Career Pathing Method (CPM), are a series of focused consultations provided through appointments. It is a highly adaptable and versatile approach that recognizes and supports your individual needs during a career transition.

Traditional career counselling approaches involve conducting assessments, determining career-fit and finding the “right” job. Although these approaches are somewhat successful, using career assessments exclusively does not have the potential to direct you to a greater and more meaningful career. To attain a great career, a very strategic career development process is required to create a powerful and exciting career vision, while supporting the discovery of fundamental talents, strengths, meaning and purpose. The Career Pathing Method will support you in attaining your most important career and life goals. 

Pinnacle Potential can assist you at your specific career stage, either as an ADULT or YOUNG PERSON.

Whatever your career stage, Pinnacle Potential is here to support you through the process, guiding you in the right direction, enabling you to attain an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career.

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