Hey there! I’m Kerryn Joseph Wayow… The Asian with an Irish Name, as you can clearly tell I’m from Ireland. 😉 I am a Career Development Fanatic and perpetual student of psychology! I specialize in assisting individuals through the many employment career challenges, decisions and choices.

This site is the culmination of many years spent within the career/employment field, being specifically created for individuals who truly desire greater exploration, satisfaction, growth and purpose within their career and life. Some people will not have these intentions or career goals. However, for those who do aspire to these achieve these results this site is meant as an important support for delivering one-to-one counselling and career information.

With over a decade of experience, I have provided job search assistance to hundreds of individuals, and this website is a deeper evolution into the area of career pathing and development. As statistics show, there are many people in the workplace that dislike or even hate their work. To a large segment of people work is dull, monotonous, uninteresting and meaningless, with the exception of collecting a paycheque. You may be one of these individuals.

I created this site for two reasons. First, I struggled with my own personal career journey. I have a deep understanding of the challenges and trials in discovering and finding career joy, meaning and purpose. Second, I want you to join me in starting a new career journey. A career journey is never a single step or even a series of steps, but an evolution, comprised of constant growth and learning. I am enthusiastic about providing assistance, if your goals are to attain a career with greater excitement, passion, vitality and meaning. It’s not an easy, straightforward or simple road, but most things in life that are truly vital never are. Many important things require a deep commitment and contribution.

As I mentioned, I struggled to find my own career, but my present career journey began with successfully completing my undergraduate degree in psychology. I became extremely interested in employment and career related courses. I then attained my certification in Career Development.

After my academic studies, I was employed as a Job Recruiter, and later as an Employment Advisor for a non-profit organization. These experiences gave me nuts and bolts knowledge about employment and job searching. I eventually transitioned to creating my own company, assisting people with resume development. I have assisted a diverse client base ranging from post-secondary students to a broad group of professionals within a wide range of employment sectors, which also includes high-level senior executive managers. I supported individuals looking to transition out of roles, helping them to explore and find more fulfilling career opportunities. This is my calling and life’s work.

From these many experiences working with a wide group of individuals, the Career Pathing Method (CPM) also called the Thousand Voices Program was created and developed. The Career Pathing Method (CPM) has been designed to support you in finding a career with greater passion, joy, inspiration and meaning. LEARN MORE

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